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Traveller. Wanderlust girl. Errs on the side of earnestness. Filled with gratitude.

Born and bred in Africa. Livin’ large and lovin’ life in Laos. And around the world, of course.

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5 May 2016
Once upon a time, an American boy and an African girl moved to Asia together.
She will always remember with fondness their great journeys together. The merry nomadic life they chose to lead.
Shedding tears now, she watches their paths diverge. And she wonders whether it was indeed all a mere chimera. But her heart and this blog dispute that version of the story.
She chooses to hold her head high. She will (try to) not devolve into a fire-breathing, serpent-tailed Chimera herself. She is done with shipwrecks and with lost sailors. Instead she chooses to keep exploring, knowing she is strong enough to follow the path of vulnerability and authenticity.
So, dear readers. This blog now takes a slightly different turn. If you too want to divert your path from mine, I honor that decision. Thank you for having journeyed with me thus far.
From now, the ‘our’ in ourlifenomadic no longer references just one couple. I will tell the tales of other adventurers, other journeyers, other lovers of life and beauty and vision. You are invited to join me on that path of discovery.
– Dominique

Note: ourlifenomadic started its life on Tumblr, before moving to WordPress in August 2013. Click here to see those Tumblr posts. 


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